Operation between Prostějov and Třebovice v Čechách

The article describes freight and passenger services on the line Prostějov hl. n. - Chornice - Třebovice v Čechách (in timetable No. 271 & 262). Now the passenger services are operated by motor coaches class 810, freight service by class 731 of DKV Olomouc and Česká Třebová (see diagrams below). Also trains of private operators can be seen on the line - these trains transport stone from querry near Chornice for construction works on the railway line between Zábřeh na Moravě and Česká Třebová.
The article also describes interesting operation during construction works in between Kostelec na Hané and Chornice in years 2003 & 2004. In these periods we could find there also locomotives of the class 749 & 751 in freight and old motor coaches class 830 in passenger services.