Former D Locomotives operated by OKD, Doprava, a. s.

The OKD Doprava company operates freght service over the D lines. Therefore the company needs suitable locomotives for main line duty (rimary they have only locomotives suitable for railway sidings service). Some of locomotives of the OKD Doprava was at the past operated by Czech Railways (D). In eightees OKD Doprava bought from former SD locomotives class T458.1 (now 721) and T669.0/1 (now 770/771). OKD Doprava has also two electric locos class 181 (181.024 and 181.040) - these locos was operated by D to 1993. In 2002 and 2003 OKD Doprava bought six locomotives class 753.7. These locos were refurbished from locomotives class 753 D (formerly intended for liquidation) in works MKS - Lokomotivy esk Tebov. Similar refurbished locomotives was delivered for several Italian private railway operators, e.g. Ferrovie Nord Milano Esercizio adn Sistemi Territoriali. OKD Doprava also operate two non-refurbished ex-D locos class 753: own 753.306 and hired 753.197 (owned by Mr. Radek auer). All OKD Doprava locomotives class 753 & 753.7 are located in Kladno region.